How to Set Up StrongVPN on Android

Setting up your StrongVPN on your android device is a very easy task; one which is as simple as ABC. You can either set up your StrongVPN manually or by using the automated VPN set up.

Step 1

The first step in setting up StrongVPN on your android device is pressing the menu button on your android device and selecting the “settings” option. Afterwards, select “More” or “More connection settings” under the connection settings segment.

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Step 2

The next step is to select “VPN” and “Add VPN network”. After selecting the VPN option you will receive a prompt pop up message that reads “Set secure screen lock type. To use credential storage, set the screen lock type pattern, PIN or password” or “Attention. You must set a lock screen PIN or password before you can use credential storage.” The type of prompt message you will receive depends on the model and brand of your android device.

Step 3

Once the lock screen type pattern, PIN or password has been set, the next step involves the VPN configuration. The configuration screen should have the following:

strongvpn setting

Name: It is best advised to use StrongVPN as the name since it is your VPN connection service provider.

Type     PPTP: The default type is always PPTP and should be left unchanged

Server address: This is your server and it can be gotten in the Customer Area of StrongVPN website, under VPN Accounts Summary. An example is

PPP encryption (MPPE): This is normally checked by default and should therefore be unchecked.

Show advanced option: This is normally unchecked by default and should therefore be checked.

DNS search domains      (not used): This should be left unchanged.

DNS servers: Enter the numbers and symbols

Forwarding routes (e.g.     (not used): This should also be left unchanged.

Step 4

After all these must have been done, the next step is selection of StrongVPN. “StrongVPN” connection should be seen as part of the VPN networks and it should be selected.

Step 5

Once the selection is done, an authorization window will appear and you will be asked to enter our username and password. Your user name and password are both case sensitive and should include some alphabets and some numbers for better security. Once this is done, select the “Save account information” option. A great reminder is that both your username and password can be gotten in the Customer Area of StrongVPN website, under VPN Accounts Summary.

Step 6

Once login information has been entered, select “Connect” and you will notice that a “key icon” will appear at the top bar of your android screen. This means that your VPN is active and running and the StrongVPN status in the connection list will be changed to “Connected”.

Step 7

You can test and confirm if your StrongVPN is actively working and if your IP address was successfully changed by opening your browser and proceeding to StrongVPN’s website.