How to Set Up StrongVPN on iPad

Setting up your StrongVPN on your iPad tablet is a very easy task; one which is as simple as ABC. You can either choose to set up your StrongVPN manually or by using the automated VPN set up.

Manual Set Up

Step 1

The first step of the manual VPN set up involves going to the “Settings” icon on the home screen page of your iPad device after which you select the “General” settings option.

strongvpn ipad1Step 2

Under the “General” options, select VPN and then proceed to Add VPN configuration. The next page that shows has the following

  • Type IKEv2: Select type and change it from IKEv2 to L2TP
  • Description: The description can be whatever you please but it highly recommended that you use StrongVPN since it is your VPN service provider
  • Server: This is your server address and it can be gotten in the Customer Area of StrongVPN website, under VPN Accounts Summary. An example is
  • Account, Password and Secret: Can all be gotten in the Customer Area of StrongVPN website, under VPN Accounts Summary. It should be noted that the Secret field is the IPSec Key.
  • Send All Traffic: Should be set on

strongvpn ipad2Step 3

When all the required fields are correctly and properly filled, you can tap done.

Step 4

After all the above processes have been carried out, the next step is to connect your StrongVPN by tapping the on/off switch button in front of VPN status. Wait for the connection to take its course while is shows “Connecting”. When the VPN connection has been established, the VPN connection status will change to connected and a VPN badge will appear on the top bar of the screen.

Step 5

You can test if your StrongVPN is actively working and if your IP address was successfully changed by opening your safari browser and proceeding to StrongVPN’s website.

Automatic Set Up

Step 1

The first step of the automated VPN set up is to search for and download the StrongVPN application on the Apple App Store.

Step 2

Once the download is completed and the application is installed, the StrongVPN app should be opened and your login details should be inputted.

Step 3

Once login is completed, it is best advised not to skip the tutorial but to follow the swipe tutorial for instructions on how to use your StrongVPN mobile application, how to connect your VPN, how to change between packages if you have several packages to your account, how to change between servers and how to access the menu option.

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Step 4

This next step requires connecting your StrongVPN and installing the “StrongVPN Settings” which is a configuration profile that permits the application to route your internet through a secure channel.

Step 5

Once the connection is successful, the connection status will change to successful and your background will change to a wall paper of the country whose IP address you’re using.