How to setup Strongvpn on apple TV

Apple TV digital media player gets online information from a big range of providers to stream TV and movies shows on TV screens. To save the streaming videos run, Apple TV users need to build VPN (Virtual Private Networks) that encrypt digital data.

StrongVPNs offer apple TV users with network secrecy, as well as the ability to unblock sites and bypass website filers. Anyway, Apple TV does not offer inside support for setting up a VPN. Apple Television users must follow simple steps from 1 of 2 techniques for establishing a StrongVPN.

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You can use 3 techniques to set up StrongVPN on your Apple TV.

  1. Via a notebook running a VPN and linked as a hotspot Wifi
  2. Via a wireless router running a VPN
  3. Via a laptop or PC connected with VPN as Ethernet

Link Apple TV to a router wireless running a StrongVPN

Follow these easy steps to build VPN with Apple Television using router wireless

  1. To setup VPN on Apple TV, you need to subscribe for a StrongVPN first.
  2. To link the gadget, get a VPN router.
  3. Now, you need to setup StrongVPN on your router first to run it via the apple gadget.
  4. It is very easy to connect Apple TV with the wireless router, just need to select the right network.
  5. Open up the browser on Apple TV and go to video site and enjoy watching all your best movies.

Connect Apple Television to a notebook Running StrongVPN and acting as a Wi-Fi

This is very simple to. All you need is:

  • A laptop with an Ethernet/LAN online connection
    a Strong VPN account
  • A StrongVPN program for the OS running on your notebook


Download; install the run the application on your laptop. Enter your password and user and connect to a US server. Once your VPN is linked, all you need to perform is convert your notebook into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Once you have VPN running on your notebook and your notebook converted into a Wi-Fi hotspot, all that is needed to link your Apple TV to your Wi-Fi hot spot.

This is the end of simple tutorial. We hope now you can simply use StrongVPn to watch BBC iPlayer, Vimeo, YouTube, Crackle, and other streaming sites on your Apple. Don’t forget to try StrongVPN now.