How to setup Strongvpn on iphone

These are the simple steps to setup StrongVPN on iphone.

  • A one press on the power button will open the lock display. Alternatively, you can also press the home key.
  • You can also use your fingerprint or thumb to unblock with the Touch fingerprint ID sensor on the home key.


  • This has a golden protection with a black swipe across it which indicates lock and a security. Let’s tap on it. One tap on the icon will open up powerful VPN.
  • Once you have entered in your email password and address click on sign in.
  • You can select from a range of servers in different places around the Europe, United States and the rest of the globe.
  • You will view that you can disconnect and connect simply by tapping in the center of the display. If are using a PPTP account.
  • If you want to replace the main servers, you can tape on the server choices in the bottom right part of the display.
  • For those of who are not familiar with powerful VPN, they have industry top support for VPN subscriptions and servers. It is the firm that it personally advised over any other firm out there.
  • Users can use on IPSec account or Open VPN. Anyway, this account doe’s jobs on the phone as it have used it.


  • You simply go into the setting option and choose how you would like to setup the PPTP account.
  • Now we are connectable
  • For those of you who are not sure how to get here, or you are trying to perform it on your own, just go to “Settings”, then you just down to your “Common Tab” and Tap on “Common” and scroll down to VPN.
  • It is presently refreshing. Give it a minute to end the refresh and it should show us an updated Washington D.C IP address.
  • If you press the home key on your phone, anything that you performed will appear to anyone else as it I am in the USA of America.
  • This ends our tutorial on how to use StrongVPN connection to link to a VPN with your iPhone 6.

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If you have any question, need support, or need any further support, let us know in the comments section below. We expect this tutorial has been supportive for you and that you will be enjoying using VPN on your Apple iPhone 7. Thanks for ready and have a great day.