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With the advancement of technology and digitization, everything is moving online. The market is shifting to the internet as well. Surely you would like to shop sitting at your home, and get a wide variety to choose from, without having to roam around. Apart from shopping as well, there are simply a number of activities that we do over the internet. Nowadays, most of the transactions take place online as well like paying online bills, online money transfer etc. Much of them would require your personal details such as contacts, email id, various passwords etc. Particularly in the case of transactions, much of your sensitive information like your bank account details, pins, passwords, credit/ debit card details etc is provided. So there exists a threat of your details being stolen or snooped by unauthorized people. This is where the role of VPN comes to the scene.

VPN is the generally used acronym for virtual private network. What VPN does is that it creates a private or separate/ secure network on another network that may be public. The Internet is largest public network on earth- we all know that. So In context to the internet, VPN would form a network that would be secure and inaccessible by unauthorized users. A virtual private network allows its user to share the data on a public network securely, without being known to others. They can surf and share data and information as if the devices used by them are nothing but connected over a private/secure network directly. Therefore, when you are on a VPN or the apps you choose to work on VPN can have the advantages of security and functioning as in the case of a private network itself.

vpn how

In simple words, VPN would offer you the security of a private network along with the advantages of a wide area network like the Internet. What leads to the creation of a VPN is the end to end connections through various tunneling protocols, connections, and encryption. This also provides secure access to the private network data by the users on the Virtual network. Such networks are quite efficient and useful for organizations and their users in maintaining privacy in the transactions and details of the organization. This would also make sure no sensitive data is accessed by any unauthorized user or outsider.

Some common types of Virtual Private Network are Site to site VPNs (connects two or more LANs), Remote access VPNs that can be for personal (individual) or corporate access. While corporate VPN allows connection to respective company’s network through a remote device, Personal VPN allows users anonymous surfs, secure shopping and transactions and privacy.

Also, several Virtual Private Networks enable hiding of the IP addresses, thus enabling more privacy and security while downloading or installing apps etc. This also enables the users on the VPN to cross the restrictions and blocks that they might otherwise be subjected to. Thus, Virtual Private Network has emerged as a boon for individual users, consumers, corporate.

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