Why should we use a VPN?


With everything is shifting online, more and more transactions take place over the internet where much of your sensitive information like your bank account details, pins, passwords, credit/ debit card details etc need to be provided. So there exists a threat of your details being stolen or snooped by unauthorized people. This is why VPN is important.

VPN or virtual private network creates a private space or network on another one that has a broader user base. VPN would form a network that would be secure and inaccessible by unauthorized users. Thus, when you are on a VPN you can have the advantages of security and functioning as in the case of a private network itself.In simple words, VPN would offer you the security of a private network along with the advantages of a wide area network like the Internet.


Following are some major reasons why you must use VPN 

  • Corporate remote connection: Some common types of Virtual Private Network provide remote access to respective company’s network through a remote device, thus helping them to connect employees to work even when they are physically remote.
  • Access to blocked websites – VPNs enable you to unlock most websites that are blocked for you due to geographical location or such. Such access blockages are most of the time quite annoying. There can be some websites that can be helpful for you but you are blocked. Well, With VPNs, you can easily cross any filter, so that you can have easy access to the required content.
  • Safety from Malware: Most VPNs carry the technology to identify and stop the Malware from causing harm to your systems. Thus they can play the role of an Antivirus as well.
  • Browsing Anonymously- You surely don’t want some government agencies or any such person intrude into your privacy. Due to the same, you might prefer to surf the Web anonymously. While you are using a VPN, you can do online activities anonymously and thus secure your transactions and activities. Your downloads will be anonymous. Thus you can be sure of privacy and to stay away from the prying eyes of hackers and trackers
  • Security and Data privacy: What leads to the creation of a VPN is the end to end connections through various tunneling protocols and encryptions. This also provides secure access to the private network data by the users on the Virtual network. Such networks are quite efficient and can be extremely useful for organizations and their users in maintaining privacy in the transactions and details of the organization.
  • IP address Masking – You might be worried about your information being accessed by some among the countless snoopers and hackers over the internet. Intruders may get hold of your business data, bank card details and passwords etc. in a totally unexpected manner. Anyway, you can be worry free with when you are on a VPN that offers IP address masking.
  • Private & secure browsing and wifi security are some other features. Also, it will alert you of any malware or such. Thus, using Virtual Private Network would be a means of privacy and security for individual users, consumers, and corporates.
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